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  • The Difference between Impregnated Paper and Common Paper
    Apr 27, 2018

    There are nature, usage differences between impregnated paper and common paper. But they also have something in common, that is they are all paper. However, common paper is thin and can be used for painting and writing. Impregnated paper is much thicker and can be printed different designs on the surface as a decorative material.

    The Difference between Impregnated Paper and Common Paper

    There is no same usage for 2 kinds of paper, they have their own field. Impregnated paper have its own special decorative effect in decorative trade. Common paper has a long history and its own value. There is no much comparability their two because of the different field.

    It is important for the different design on the surface of the impregnated paper as an advantage for the decorative material, and it is useless for the common paper.

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