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  • The Benefits of Decorative Paper Glued for Ecological Board
    Mar 22, 2018

    The decorative paper glued onto the ecological board not only makes the wood board more beautiful but can protect of the wood board.


    As the ideal material to producing furniture, interior door,     impregnated board is ecological board, wallboard and speakers, melamine impregnated board is also called ecological board. Introduced by the paint-free ecological board factory, melamine impregnated paper is the good for decoration and produced easily and suitable for continuous automated production after printed, pressed and molded. Melamine paper is resistant to cold weather and wear. The stable size and high price makes part of melamine paper can only be used in special occasion but the bright color, beautiful pattern and lower price makes the most of melamine paper is the most common one glued on melamine impregnated board.


    Melamine decorative paper has the natural texture, the wood grain is clear that can compare with the log. The surface of melamine paper has no color difference, and it is washable, wear-resistant, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, non-sticky dust and not moldy and black duo to damp walls. The design and produce of the melamine decorative paper is exquisite,


    With the characteristic of exquisite design and production, reasonable modeling and color, easy to construction, customer will not worry about the filling ash after nailing when glued with the melamine decorative paper and that do not need to paint. That is to say, melamine decorative paper can save the cost of paint and labor, it can not only save the long-term care costs but can reduce construction time. With beautiful surface and lower cost, melamine impregnated decorative paper is the environmental, non-toxic and non-polluting paint-free decorative material in the new age.


    Veneer material produced with wood veneer not only keeps the beautiful wood grain of the log, but makes the board process more environmental.