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  • Ink on the Printed Décor Paper
    Jul 20, 2018

    Ink is the important factor in printing decorative paper. The ink used for wood grain melamine paper is water-based ink. There is domestic ink and imported ink. The difference between 2 kinds of ink is color fastness.


    Ink on the Printed Décor Paper

    How to check the ink quality when buy the printed décor paper? Customer can use the magnifier to see the number of the blank. If there are many blank on the furniture décor paper, it will give a pure color on the paper. On the other hand, if customer can see much blank on the decorative paper themselves, it means the paper quality is lower. What’s more, missing ink and misregister are not allowed when printing wood grain décor paper. If the color of the paper turns yellow, it shows the quality of the ink is not good.

    Above are some ways to check the quality of furniture printed decorative paper.

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