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  • Daily Use of Decorative Melamine Paper II
    Sep 27, 2018

    As a daily decorative material, what should be noticed for melamine paper daily use? Here is some advices.

    Customer can use feather duster or vacuum cleaner do the daily cleaning of the melamine paper. Every 3-6months, customer can dip the diluted detergent with a sponge, then wring the sponge to wipe the paper. But customer must wring out the sponge to prevent the water too much and the excess water enter the paper to get the paper mildewed.

     Daily Use of Decorative Melamine Paper.jpg

    Above is some advices for melamine impregnated paper daily protection. VIIKAN give you a tip: Don’t let the sharp corner of the furniture face to face with the wallpaper. That will make the wallpaper break easily to affect the decoration appearance. VIIKAN hope that is helpful to us.

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