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  • Common Issue of Melamine Impregnated Paper
    Apr 03, 2018

    1 Sticking

    Sticking plate means that part or all the board stick on the plate during high pressure. The reasons for that are as following.

    1 Incomplete curing of resin caused by the short time of the high pressure or the low temperature of the high pressure.

    2 High moisture content of the raw material.

    3 Too much glue on the melamine paper, the volatile content is too high.

    4 Unclear steel plate surface, unsuitable release agent or uneven coating

    5 Inaccurate positioning of plate when high pressing

    2 Board warpage

    From High Pressure Part.

    Temperature difference between top and bottom is too much makes two sides film paper of the board resin curing is different. So the temperature of the top plate is 3 to 5 degree high than bottom plate.

    From Raw Material Part

    The different function of tow layer impregnated paper also makes board warpage. Only one side has the impregnated paper will makes board warpage.

    Supplier can solve this problem during production. The factory can use the same decorative paper or make the temperature of top plate and bottom plate same.

    To produce high-quality products, factory must use excellent impregnated melamine paper, raw material and reasonable processing technology.